Other Books of Interest

Dr. White has also translated a number of books on Basque topics that you may find of interest. 

The Dancing Flea by Mariasun Landa is the delightful tale of a little flea who becomes a famous dancer. This book contains the English translation and the original Basque on the facing page. 

Karmentxu and the Little Ghost by Mariasun Landa is the touching story of a little girl named Karmentxu who is mentally ill. The story is told by her invisible friend, a little ghost who prefers to play with children instead of scaring them. This book contains the English translation and the original Basque on the facing page.

Korrika by Teresa del Valle documents and studies the colossal relay race of that name. This race has emerged as a modern ritual for expressing Basque identity. Thousands participate, running 1 kilometer legs of the race through all seven Basque territories. 

The Basque Poetic Tradition by Gorka Aulestia is a study of the literary heritage of the Basque people, presented as twelve essays on Basque poets.

Aurrera! A Textbook for Studying Basque

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Study Basque at home or in class. Purchase volume 1 or volume 2 or both volumes. This college-level textbook will allow Basque-Americans to explore their ancestral tongue in a friendly, encouraging environment while providing study tips and grammar in incremental doses. This textbook is designed for those who may not have studied a foreign language before or who may not have done so since high school. Those who crave a more traditional grammar volume should consider Alan King's Basque Grammar, also published by the University of Nevada Press.  
Basque-English English-Basque Dictionary (Aulestia and White) is also available.

If you need help pronouncing a Basque word in the pocket dictionary, you can go to the pronunciation guide for my textbook and get help there. 

Some hints:
TX sounds like CH
X  sounds like  SH
R is a flap, that is, it sounds closer to D than to an American English R.
RR sounds like a very strongly trilled Spanish R
J can be pronounced as a Y as in Jon, John, or as a strongly aspirated H, as in jan, to eat.
Dr. Linda White spent her career learning and teaching Basque. Her expertise is now available to you through her textbook Aurrera! 

Audio is available on-line for both volumes. 

Why should I study Basque?
For many Basque-Americans, Euskara is an important link to their relatives in the old country and to their heritage. Those who learned the language at home are considered very fortunate, for tales abound about how difficult it is to learn Euskara. We've all heard the story about how the Devil wanted to learn Euskara so he could more easily influence the good Basque people and lead them into spiritual danger. He went to the Basque country and lived there for seven years, and at the end of that time, all he could say was Bai! Yes! and Ez! No!  The moment he left the Basque country, he forgot even those two words.

With Aurrera! you will learn a great deal more than how to say "yes" and "no." Even those who do not feel the need to become fluent in Euskara will enjoy learning about their ancestral language. The rewards of learning even a rudimentary Basque vocabulary and some elementary phrases are immense. 

Aren't textbooks boring?
They don't have to be! Dialogs and exercises in Aurrera! follow the unusual friendship between a witch and a vampire, chosen to represent two cultural icons: the sorgina of Basque culture and the banpiroa or vampire of English literary tradition. Xurga (Sucky) the vampire is living in the Basque country and needs to learn Basque. Goxo Begi-Oker (Sweet Evil Eye) the witch befriends him and they romp through several silly adventures while imparting vocabulary and grammar.

If I'm studying at home, how do I know I'm doing it right?
The audio for dialogs and numbers are on-line for you to download and listen to as often as you wish. In addition, I have included the answers to all the exercises in my textbook. Students can complete an exercise and correct themselves by checking against the answers. If an exercise seems confusing, you can go to the answers to see if you did the first one right before attempting the rest. Having a teacher in a classroom is always the best way to learn a language, but if that isn't possible Aurrera! will allow you to make astounding progress on your own.

Need info on all things Basque? Don't miss Buber's Basque Page! It's over 1,000 pages of website dedicated to Basque culture, language, dance, diaspora, and much, much more.
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